Monthly Update - May 2018

May 2018

Hi there!

Welcome to the first development update for Realm's Edge, an open-world fantasy RPG set in the skies of an uncharted world. We plan to post updates like this one on the first of every month, taking the opportunity to break down what we've been doing over that time and how the game is progressing.

As of right now, the game has been in development for four months and is still very much in its infancy, but our vision for the game is strong and getting stronger with each passing day. There are only two of us working on it, but it has come a very long way in a short span of time. I'm very excited to see where we'll be in another four months.

April was a huge month for Realm's Edge as we made a number of reveals around our first public demo at Elite Community Meet 2018 in Reading, UK. The demo was rather simplistic and only showed the most presentable pieces of our work to date, but it was a great opportunity to share our vision and to collect some feedback, which has been extremely welcome and valuable.

We showed a lot of stuff for the first time on the day of the event. We revealed the game's title and logo. We shared the first build of the Edge of the World, which will serve as the game's tutorial area. We shared news of ship building and customisation and a little information about what you can expect to see as you explore the world. Finally, we announced that the game will be getting a full musical score from the awesome Maria Milewska.

On that subject, we've heard a couple of versions of the main theme now and I honestly can't wait to let you guys hear it! Not just yet though, sorry. ;)

Since ECM18, we've done some polish on existing features, we've given character animations some much-needed attention and we've started developing some of the game's more advanced AI. We'll continue with this through the beginning of May but there are plenty of other things we plan to work on too. Our to-do list is long and ever growing, but we're making big steps all the time.

That's all we have to say this month. Most of our big news for April came out for ECM, but keep an eye out for more news. We can do a lot in a month!

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We'll be back with another full development update on 1st June.

See you in the sky! 

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